Letter to the Editor: First-Time Voter for Mike Gallagher

As a first-time voter, I feel fully confident in casting my vote for Mike Gallagher for congress. Marine veteran Mike Gallagher served for seven years active duty and held multiple positions in the intelligence and national security communities. He currently works in the private sector for an energy and supply chain management small business.

This hands-on experience has given Mike the expertise needed to tackle issues from veteran affairs to Middle Eastern affairs facing congress today.

While determined to take action in national dilemmas, Mike also understands the importance of us here at home in Wisconsin. Mike has made a continued effort to visit the counties in the district to spread his message and plan for action. Even in Door County, he has toured our businesses, walked in parades, and met with our voters. Mike is committed to our community, district, state and country.

Mike’s experience in business, the private sector, and the national security community sets him apart from career politicians such as Tom Nelson. With the November elections approaching, consider Mike Gallagher to represent us in congress.


Olivia Mancheski-Thompson

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.


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