Letter to the Editor: From Ireland to Algoma to Riverdance

It was lovely to read the article about the [Algoma] murals project [in the summer 2018 Door County Living magazine, [] as I was one of the Walldogs that took part in the event but I wanted to mention that I travelled a bit further than was mentioned in the article. 

I came over from Ireland for the week. I had come to know a lot of signmakers through a community website, letterville, and had heard of the Walldogs work from there.

The previous year to Algoma’s project I had gone to Jacksonville, Illinois, to a gathering there. It was there that Dave Petri told me of his plans for Algoma. Hence my visit there the following year.

The hospitality I witnessed in Algoma was exceptional and the fun we had throughout those event days was aided by the locals joining in with us on those murals.

It was because of contacts made through the website I mentioned that led me to a career high of getting to do goldleafing on the ceiling plasterwork of an old Irish mansion with four others for a six-week period. That house belonged to Michael Flatley of Riverdance fame!

And the funny thing is my sister-in-law actually made the shirt that Michael first burst out onto stage for the first performance of Riverdance for Ireland’s interval act of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Anyway that’s all from me.

Miles Cullinane 

Cork City, Ireland