Letter to the Editor: Frostman a Win for Wisconsin

A sustainable Wisconsin future needs us to Vote for Caleb Frostman for State Senate. June 12th or before is an opportunity for voters in District #1 to bring Caleb Frostman to the state Senate to represent all constituents. Caleb has openly expressed what he has learned to be key challenges that need attention in the bipartisan, independent channels of state government. His business acumen learned from his University of Wisconsin-Madison Business Degree, from growing up in Green Bay and from his career in Minnesota’s thriving economy and from his local executive leadership at the Door County Economic Development Corporation is a life of experience that needs to go to Madison on behalf of all of us. He has prepared himself as proven by his messages and goals for our District that are clear from his television ads, his personal appearance messages and the many days of meeting with people and businesses across the District. Criticisms attempted on television ads by his opponent’s PAC-funded groups chide that Caleb’s Minnesota experience is against the Packerland way of doing business. To the contrary, his days in the financial and business streams of Minnesota’s outstanding democratic growth experience in the Corporate 500 and bipartisan legislative policy progress in Minnesota will bring his skills to Wisconsin. He has proven he can work for and with us common folk and a responsible corporate and business community to bring more jobs and a safe and secure livelihood for everyone in Wisconsin. A Vote for Caleb is a WIN for Wisconsin and we who live and work in 1st Senate District.


Wayne Kudick

Fish Creek, Wis.

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