Letter to the Editor: Funding the Wall

Here are four suggestions to funding the wall with Mexico. One: sell “Wall Bonds,” like War Bonds, except use it to build the wall – if it’s a national emergency then this actually makes sense. Two: have a check-off box on tax returns, like for contributing a dollar toward a  general election campaign fund, except it would be for $100 that would be added to your taxes, which is what would happen anyway, so that actually makes sense, too. Three: start a GoFundMe campaign to build the wall. Four: have President Trump sell his Trump Towers and build Trump Wall. The advantage of options one, two and three is that the donors can have their names inscribed on the wall. But it turns out someone did already try option three and just just closed it down – Google it for details – so cross that one off. But the other three could actually work.

Mark Polczynski

Baileys Harbor, Wis.