Letter to the Editor: Gallagher Silent When It Counts

The letter about Rep. Mike Gallagher’s meeting with a positive, flag-waving group in Door County reminded me of a brush with him that I’ll never forget.

Three summers ago, over the July Fourth holiday, I spotted Gallagher at the YMCA and spoke up about forced separation of migrant families at the border – the hot issue at the time. What was he going to do about this cruel and heartbreaking situation? 

His response was, “First we must secure our border.” 

I replied that illegal immigration was at a 50-year low, and these asylum-seeking families were being torn apart – toddlers crying as agents toted them away.

Gallagher said a bipartisan committee was meeting to deal with the situation. Right. The situation was never dealt with, plus detention centers are now plagued with COVID outbreaks, and women report unauthorized sterilization. At least Gallagher paused to speak with me.

But he never spoke when it counted. He hasn’t spoken up about Trump disrespecting the military; Trump’s vicious attacks on anyone who disagrees with him; his dividing, not uniting us; his cozying up to dictators, weakening our alliances; Trump sowing false suspicion about our absentee-ballot system; his blatant racism; his weakening of our national security, Department of Justice and health care; his mishandling of the pandemic, and with it, our very lives … I could go on ad nauseam.

Through it all, I’ve never heard Gallagher speak up. Instead, he consistently votes along party lines for the president’s agenda.

Did Gallagher’s MAGA-hat supporters in Door County mention any of that, along with their ideas to make our country great again after this election? I guess the last election didn’t count. Gallagher had his chance to make something happen, but he did nothing on issues of consequence.

I’ve met Gallagher’s Democratic opponent, Amanda Stuck, at a meeting with local residents who were positive, patriotic and concerned about the direction of our country. We discussed ideas, issues and policies to move us forward in our constant endeavor to be a better country that works for everyone. I’m proud to support Amanda Stuck.

Lisa VanLaanen

Egg Harbor, Wisconsin