Letter to the Editor: Gallagher Votes NO!

Mike Gallaher has voted 89 percent of the time with Trump. He voted against the Protecting Americans with Pre-existing Conditions Act of 2019; against the Voting Rights Advancement Act of 2019 (to expand voting rights, limit gerrymandering, strengthen ethics rules and limit the influence of dark money); against the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act; against the Lower Drug Costs Now Act; and most recently, he voted no to support the USPS. (Factual information was verified at the Congressional Record of Voting and

None of these votes help me. He pretends to be part of the Problem Solvers Caucus but solves no problems. The USPS serves every American, no matter their political party, and is essential for me and so many others to get medications through the mail, to receive checks from small-business customers and to vote absentee (because of health conditions that make voting in person during a pandemic very risky). Many who live in a rural community are like me and find the delays and nondelivery of our mail to be a hardship.

We must judge our elected representatives on their votes. Gallagher has failed to look out for the people of Wisconsin! We must judge our elected representatives on whether they listen and are responsive to their constituents. “No Show” Gallagher has not, to my knowledge, had an in-person listening session in Door County since he was elected in 2016 (except for one held in Sturgeon Bay with a 24-hour notice sent out to the public). Two years ago, he refused to have a forum with his opposing candidate.

District 8 can do so much better by electing Amanda Stuck, who has promised to show up and be responsive to constituents’ needs, who will fight for affordable health care for everyone, who supports the Voting Rights Act to protect our democratic right to vote and have fair maps for our voting districts. She supports the USPS and will protect Social Security. Vote for the person who will work for you! Vote for Stuck.

Judy Brodd

Sister Bay, Wisconsin