Letter to the Editor: Generosity Overpowers Pandemic

The Sturgeon Bay Lions Club has sold roses every spring for many years. Although we help fund many state and local programs, much of the money collected from this sale is used locally to help our neighbors who cannot afford an eye examination and new glasses, or need monetary assistance for other vision-related issues.

This year, just as the final sale date approached, and after selling more than 1,000 dozen roses, we were told that the sale was canceled, and we could not deliver the roses due to pandemic-related safety concerns. We contacted our supporters and offered to return the money that had been collected. Our members were deeply touched when so many of our friends donated their money instead. 

As a result of this generosity, our club actually received more money this year than we did from last year’s sale! We are writing to thank all of you who were so kind. Once again we are reminded of how fortunate we are to live in this wonderful, giving community.

Ron Amos and Rob Herland, Co-Chairs

Sturgeon Bay Lions Club Roses for Spring Sale