Letter to the Editor: Go Be a Tourist!

Ah, to be a local.

Our usually sleepy little town is pretty chaotic from time to time. The week of the 4th is a prime example but this is our income. Tourism is our main industry and it’s a terribly short season. We do our best to provide fun and safe activities that make a gazillion families come to our area and create memories for their children that will continue the trend. It can be quite crazy when normally you only have a smallish single road to get from here to there and now it’s bumper to bumper and folks don’t know where to park or how to avoid the most congested areas. Hang in there, everyone… this too, shall pass. In just a few short weeks we’ll have our county back, the internet will work and you’ll run into familiar faces driving in your neighborhood and shopping in town. The visitors will go back to their year-round congestion and chaos, working and living in cities either by choice or necessity and they’ll begin planning the next stay in our beloved county. I’m a native and mostly retired. I live on the fringe of the activities and enjoy my space, my sunset view and an occasional campfire with friends. But I also love the opportunities a tourist area provides. We have incredible music, theater and amazing dining (with a two-hour wait for a table). So, I’ll be out with the masses from time to time because it won’t last. In the words of Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once and awhile, you could miss it.” So what if you have a local mailing address and are exhausted from being a “provider.” Go be a tourist! Just for an evening or an afternoon! An excellent place to start is by perusing the Entertainment section in this paper. Just saying…

Suzi Hass

Sister Bay, Wisconsin