Letter to the Editor: Good Samaritans Abound in Door County

Since the winter of 1992, when a meter reader from Wisconsin Public Service called us in St. Louis to say he was at our recently purchased house on Kangaroo Lake and noticed that the electricity had been used and was checking to make sure we were aware someone had been there, we’ve known that Door County people are especially thoughtful and kind.

That was reinforced Monday night as we were on our way home from a meeting of the Door County Historical Society at Leathem Smith, when our headlights suddenly went out, just as we turned onto Hwy. 57. It was, as the story goes, “a dark and stormy night.” Almost immediately, a young couple stopped to see what they could do. Then the driver of another car passed and backed up, asking if they could assist. He called 911 before leaving us in good hands. The young couple moved behind our car and kept their lights and flashers on until Sheriff’s Deputy Steve Medlen arrived and took their place, alerting traffic to our predicament until Steve Kiehnau arrived in his wrecker. He dropped us off at home and waited to make sure we got in safely through the rain before taking the car to the garage.

Four good samaritans in one night! Sorry we didn’t get names of two of them, but a sincere thank you for all their help, so typical of the wonderful people of Door County.


Howard and Patty Williamson

Baileys Harbor, Wis.

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