Letter to the Editor: Good Time at Fiddlers Farm

On County C, just a few miles west of Sturgeon Bay, is one of Door County’s best kept secrets that should not be a secret. Dan and Terri Rass, along with their daughter Hanna and her fiancée Nick Dumas took an old red barn and turned it into a magical musical wonderland. There is certainly fine music throughout northern Door, but I believe that Fiddlers Farm down in Southern Door should hold the title of “best Bluegrass and Classic Country in Door County.” 

My husband and I took in their show this week. We pulled into the drive and were greeted by a rider and horse who guided us to our parking space. Then we made our way up the grassy incline to the hundred-year-old barn decorated with wagon-wheel chandeliers and folding wooden chairs as sunlight streamed in through gaps in the wood plank walls. 

One by one musicians wandered on stage: banjo, bass, slide guitar, fiddle, mandolin and guitar. Among them Grammy-nominated, award-winning, highly respected musicians from Nashville, Texas, the west coast and our own Door County, and all genuinely fun and entertaining folks who obviously love playing together. 

The concert lasted more than two hours and every song was tight and perfect: from “A Thousand Stars in Texas,” right down to a rousing rendition of the “Auctioneer’s Song.” You couldn’t ask for a better concert if the cost was $60. But this is a true family destination. At $15 a ticket you really can take the whole family – even your (well-behaved!) dog can join you. Bring a cooler, drive on down to County C, fill up the barn, and take in some of the best country and bluegrass you’ll ever find!

Virge Temme

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin