Letter to the Editor: GOP Support the Sanctity of the Vote

I’m writing this letter exactly 40 days after the election and 35 days after Joe Biden was declared the next president. The current administration continues to not accept this fact and to find any avenue to contest it.

We have endured four long years with a leader who has the maturity level of a toddler, kicking and screaming whenever things do not go his way. We have a leader who pardons his cronies even when they have admitted guilt. We have a leader who uses the power of the office of the presidency for personal gain. We have a leader who not only distorts the truth but blatantly lies.

The truth today is that the voters have spoken. The states have scrutinized their voting systems and found them to be fair and accurate. Joe Biden won the popular vote by more than 7 million votes and secured far more than the necessary 270 electoral votes. Not only does the president refuse to accept these facts, but he is being supported by many elected officials of the Republican Party. 

Rather than support our democracy, they are choosing to support the leadership of a tantruming toddler. It is time they stood up for our country and our democracy, were the voice of the people who elected them, and insist that the president move toward a respectful transition of power.

Unfortunately, the GOP continues to fight the legitimacy of the vote. Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson has voiced a willingness to call into question the legitimacy of the electoral vote by signing a statement objecting to the electoral vote. He is willing to throw our democracy under the bus and support instead the temper tantrum being thrown by Donald J. Trump. 

We need to call these Republican officials to task to support our democracy, to be the voice of the people who elected them and to support the sanctity of the vote. As citizens, we must also remember the true colors of Sen. Johnson, should he run for reelection in 2022.

Trish Black

Sister Bay, Wisconsin