Letter to the Editor: Great Lesson from the Pulse

What a great lesson the Pulse provided in the August 14-21 edition. On its arrival each Friday, I peruse the content to see what’s happening in the Door and catch up on the hot topics of the week. I briefly looked over the Letters to the Editor section and said to myself, “Same old negative stuff.” 

Directly across the page, however, I was drawn to the article written by Tom Thurman about the lives of his grandparents almost 100 years ago. They were faced with the challenges of the Spanish flu pandemic here at home and the uncertainties of WWI in Europe. 

What did they do? Fred and Emma practiced bedrock principles of service to our country and their fellow humans. Fred fought for our country as a soldier, and Emma served as a nurse during the 1918 flu pandemic in America. They practiced principles that made our country great. I couldn’t help but compare the side-by-side themes: one very positive and the other filled with negativity.

My first thought was that the positioning of the two themes occurred by happenstance, but then I read the quote [by Michelle Lederman] in the header of the Perspectives section. It read, “How you perceive others is your reality about them, and the same is true for them of you.”

Tom, thank you for the wonderful story about your grandparents and for reminding us of the principles that our forefathers founded this great nation on. Well done.

To the savvy editor of the Pulse, great job on providing the contrast of the two sections and for the lesson that negative thoughts and words do very little in providing unselfish service that can make our country great again.

Chuck Emerson

Egg Harbor, Wisconsin