Letter to the Editor: Hands Off Social Security and Medicare

Thank you to President Biden and Democrats in Congress for working to reduce our deficit without touching my Medicare or Social Security. 

Having been a single parent of two, I know how hard it can be to pay for expenses such as decent day care, groceries, gas and rent. I’ve had to stretch costs at the end of each month, which is why I’m so appreciative of the work President Biden is doing to lower costs for families like mine. 

It’s also why I’m so angry to hear that Republicans and Florida Sen. Rick Scott are running on a plan that would sunset – get rid of – my Medicare and Social Security. Why are Republicans endorsing a plan that hurts working families? I don’t get it. I worked hard for more than 20 years to earn those benefits, and my kids are currently working hard to earn their own retirement benefits. It’s horrible to see our hard-earned benefits attacked.

Democrats have a responsible plan to lower deficits and are pushing to lower costs while asking the richest in our country to pay their fair share. I wish Republican politicians would get on board. Republicans such as Rick Scott and Ron Johnson need to take their hands off my Social Security and Medicare.

Carol Jensen-Olson

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin