LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Heartfelt Thanks to Those Who Helped Us

I would like to recognize Chief Andy Bertges and his fine team who helped my husband, John, and I during John’s long fight with terminal brain cancer.

I had to call 911 several times to help me when John fell. Each time, wonderful people came to our aid in a way that was never abrupt or impersonal, yet neither was it intrusive or overly emotional. Everyone’s competence came across as friendly, professional concern.

I remember late one October night, before we had brought in hospice, John insisted on getting out of bed, only to fall once more. Again, a call to 911 meant that gracious, trained people came to do what I could not.

To my surprise, Andy and one of his team (I think his name was John) stopped by my house the very next day. I hadn’t called; they just wanted to make sure we were OK. Was I all right? Did I need any help? Could they do anything for us?

This touched my heart deeply, even though I was likely too sleep deprived to express this clearly. So much care! Such neighborly concern! I was very glad to reassure them that our daughter, her husband and son were arriving the next day to help me. (They have lived with me ever since.)

My daughter and I were by John’s side when he passed away on March 23, 2021. We were able – with help – to care for him in our lovely home throughout his illness. Hospice is great, but I will never forget how Chief Bertges and his team were there for us when I did not know where to turn.

I am so grateful to know that we live in a place where this kind of thoughtful, caring service exists. Their efforts were far beyond any expectation I could have had.

Ann Linquist

Fish Creek, Wisconsin