Letter to the Editor: Help the United Way to Help the County

During this season of giving and receiving, it’s important to look at the lives of those around us. Families in this country and in Door County are experiencing trauma in the form of food inadequacy; lack of shelter, health care and transportation; and in many other areas. 

One of the traumas of which I am well aware as a dental hygienist is the lack of dental care. The Door County Medical Center Dental Clinic began in 1999, and as we grew, our funding needs increased. With the help of Amy Kohnle, we wrote a grant that secured funding from United Way. Since its inception, the dental clinic has seen and treated thousands of children and adults.

It is the United Way’s passion to enable our neighbors and friends to live a safe and secure life. We provide parenting classes, childhood learning programs, nutritional education, AODA coalition help and senior services. In today’s world in our care for children, STRIDE is providing counseling in our schools. 

As a board member of United Way, I am asking for your help in continuing these great programs. With your contribution, large or small, our work will continue to grow. 

Mary Ann Zjala

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin