Letter to the Editor: Here’s Hoping the Streetlight Comes Back On

I read your news item in the Feb. 17 Peninsula Pulse (“City Assessing Need for More Streetlights”) about the powers that be in Sturgeon Bay considering adding streetlights to dark spots in the city, one of which being the curve where 3rd Avenue becomes Memorial Drive.

I lived at that spot eight to 10 years ago when the then powers that be decided to darken the streetlight there because it was a cost savings and we didn’t need all that light. I can attest to at least two car accidents at that dark spot. 

I stood on my front porch as city workers were removing bulbs and electric from that street lamp. I pleaded with them not to darken that spot because it would be a hazard; they ignored me. I no longer live there. I hope the light comes back on for everyone’s safety.

Margy Byrnes

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin