Letter to the Editor: Hoping to Bring ‘Fresh Ideas’ to Egg Harbor Town Board

The Pulse has always done a thorough job providing extensive coverage of local elections and issues that matter to this community. As a result, voters are now better informed than ever and new faces are energized to get involved in local affairs. I am one of those and have chosen to seek a seat on the Egg Harbor Town Board as Supervisor #2 on April 2nd.

I am a candidate because I want to contribute my time, talents and experience to political service that can make a meaningful difference to this community. My background in education, with 20 years’ experience as a teacher/administrator/job coach for the Milwaukee schools, and am in my third year as a substitute/mentor/summer school teacher for Sevastopol, Gibraltar and Sturgeon Bay Schools, has prepared me well for this position. I have been connected to this area since the early ’70s which serves as the foundation of my interest to see the community thrive.

I am hoping to provide a common sense, transparent, fiscally conservative, environmentally sustainable, unbiased perspective while focusing on constituent service, outreach, improved use of technology, and listening to all taxpayers to ensure their voices are heard. I am an outgoing positive person with a fresh ideas that can bring people together. I will be knocking on doors throughout March and hope to have the opportunity to meet you and hear what issues concern you most. If you are planning to be gone on April 2nd, I encourage you to vote absentee before you go. If you are here, please take the time to vote. In elections this small, each and every vote really counts!

Elizabeth Gauger

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.