Letter to the Editor: How Ironic

Isn’t it more than a little ironic that Republicans are attacking the progressive Democrats as “damned Socialists” when they themselves are either willing or unwitting agents of Russia. I say this in part because of Mitch McConnell and his cronies, who continue to block any legislation that would begin to address the cyber attacks on our elections.

Furthermore, those who label as a Socialist anyone who demands a living wage for all of us, fair treatment in the criminal “justice” system and equal pay for equal work regardless of race, gender etc. seem to be missing the point. Who’re the real unAmericans, hmmm?

Lastly, the First Amendment still enshrines the right of all Americans “to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” Those who protest the government’s inhumane and unlawful treatment of refugees, who demand that the president and his administration be held accountable, to name just two of many grievances, are simply exercising that right.

Kate Houston

Ephraim, Wisconsin