Letter to the Editor: How Would God Vote?

We are again saturated with political signs everywhere trying to persuade us to vote a certain way. Did you ever think about how God would vote? 

Well, you will find out very soon, for we are headed into a time never seen before on the earth. We all know and have said the Lord’s Prayer many times, including where it says, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

We will soon see what God’s will is for our country and the rest of the earth. The Angel of Death has been sent to bring God’s judgment to those who oppose him, and at the same time, the Lord is going to pour out his glory and blessings to his children as never seen before. 

Great miracles are coming; the dead will be raised back to life; missing limbs will grow back. Get ready for this great shaking to occur. Live by faith, not by what you see on the news. God is preparing His Bride. The great day of Jehovah has come. Then you will know how to vote in the future.

Bob Ouradnik

Ellison Bay, Wisconsin