Letter to the Editor: I Have A Plan

In 1968 Richard Nixon campaigned for the presidency on the basis of “I have a plan” to end the Vietnam War. He never articulated that plan, it was just “trust me.”

From 1969 to 1972, Nixon’s first term, 21,126 U.S. servicemen died in Vietnam.

Donald Trump has a plan to “Make America Great Again,” but he refuses to articulate that plan. Elements of that plan appear to include defaulting on our national debt and use bankruptcy as the solution as he has repeatedly before (and thus decimating all U.S. pension plans and insurance companies), printing currency to devalue our currency (creating run away inflation), defunding NATO, encouraging Japan and South Korea to develop their own nuclear bombs, giving our generals the keys to our nuclear arsenal and the authority to make first strike nuclear attacks, making friends with Putin and an enemy of the prime minister of Great Britain.

Leaders of Nixon’s own Republican Party gave him the choice to resign or be removed from office.

Unless Donald Trump articulates a plan to “Make America Great Again” that makes sense and which he will honor, isn’t it likely that he will end his term as Nixon ended his? Do we want to take a chance of going through that again? For those who were not there, Nixon’s term ended in terrible turmoil for this country.


Jim Riead

Egg Harbor, Wis.


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