Letter to the Editor: If Democrats Vote for Us…

Democrats vote for us? Does that mean they have voted for inflation, now at 8.2%; for millions of illegal people walking across the border with no vetting; for losing energy independence, causing high gas and food prices; for rising crime, no-bail offenses, censoring free speech, parents being called domestic terrorists for wanting a say in their children’s education, and abortion on demand? 

There is war in Ukraine, oil sales to Chinese companies, the stock market dropping like a stone, a war against fossil fuels in favor of the New Green Deal, more power given to internet companies to do their bidding, people losing jobs during COVID-19 for not getting a vaccine and a woke military. 

There’s very confusing talk from the executive branch, and there’s especially Hunter Biden – never to be punished for deeds for which ordinary people would be tried and jailed.

Keith Nienow

Sister Bay, Wisconsin