Letter to the Editor: If Republicans Are Borers, Democrats Are Stumps

A much-too-frequent contributor to the Peninsula Pulse letters column has given us a new way to be reminded of how rotten the Republicans can be. The man from Sister Bay tells us those scoundrels prefer riots over debates. He finds our democracy struggling due to Republican policies similar to the difficulties of our ash trees, which are dying in Door County.

As the writer puts it, “Every dying ash tree should remind us of our flawed Republican lawmakers.” He labels these politicians as “Republican democracy borers.” What he doesn’t tell us is how to identify or be reminded of Democratic lawmakers. 

Would this help the identification process? Tree stumps! Every stump should remind us of Democratic lawmakers. After all, these stumps just take up space. They don’t provide shade. They don’t add oxygen to the atmosphere. They are blights on the landscape, slowly rotting away, and if they can be pried out of the ground, they don’t make good firewood and are difficult to dispose of. Even most landfills won’t take them.

Jerome J. Gallagher

Green Bay, Wisconsin