Letter to the Editor: ‘I’ll Be Staying Home’

This is a reply to Mr. Eisenhammer of Arlington Heights, Illinois. 

In your opening paragraph [of your letter in the April 10 issue of the Pulse], you say the Door County Board’s advisory is misguided. Then in the next paragraph, you say the county board should issue an advisory. Well, the board did, and you thought the advisory was misguided. But it did suggest that people should stay home.

At the time of your writing, there were apparently two cases of COVID-19 in Door County, and you suggested those individuals probably contracted it by traveling out of the county.

As I’m writing this, there are 14,100 cases in Cook County, Illinois, which is where Arlington Heights is located; and nine cases in Door County. Both states’ governors have issued stay-at-home orders.

To me that means, “stay at your main residence home”: the home that’s listed as your permanent residence address on your driver’s license or ID.

Do you think the chances of catching the virus or passing on the virus are better in Cook County or Door County? Or from someone from Arlington Heights or Door County?

Yes, Door County has fewer services than Cook County, so risking an increase in cases is troublesome, especially for full-time residents of Door County.

Then in your final paragraph, you say, “In the end, the only way to defeat this virus is to work together to follow CDC recommendations.”

The CDC, the Door County Board, the governor of Illinois and the governor of Wisconsin all have recommended that staying home is the best way to defeat this virus.

I’ll be staying home.

David Sikora

Sister Bay, Wisconsin