Letter to the Editor: Impeach Biden

Biden ran on being a unifier. How are we doing after 18 months? 

President Biden’s first days in office revealed his first priority was to eliminate all of President Trump’s accomplishments. The economy, employment, military, border, foreign policy and new respect from our adversaries. 

President Biden in 50 years as a career politician made more conflicting decisions than positive results. Those have followed him through parochial school, college, law school and his 50 years in politics, and they continue to this day. 

One of those conflicts is abortion. It’s not “abolished” when states in this country still allow them, including the neighboring states of Minnesota and Illinois.

I believe the Biden family is one of the most corrupt to ever hold political office, abusing it for illegal financial gain. They have all become millionaires, and Hunter Biden leads the pack.

We are in a serious downward spiral, and economists say it will result in a recession. I hope our new, duly elected Congress after the November election starts impeachment proceedings of President Biden.

Tony Gurdak

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin