Letter to the Editor: In Plain Sight

As Americans we have witnessed from the beginning of the Trump campaign to the present, an unprecedented number of alarming events. Mocking nicknames of his opponents, an affair with a Playboy Bunny, making fun of the handicapped, the size of his hands, grabbing women’s genitalia, ridiculing a Gold Star Family, a tryst with a porn star, separating immigrant children from their parents, embarrassing the U.S. in front of our allies, choosing Putin’s word over our intelligence community, these are just a few of a hit parade of countless blunders too many to mention. He has spewed so much hate and divisiveness against the free press, John McCain, a true American hero, environmental groups, the Democratic Party, the list goes on and on. The result of this lunacy, the majority of Republican politician’s rubber stamps this man and his actions. What is it going take for the American people to say enough, or is this the new U.S.?  


Pete Thelen

Baileys Harbor, Wis.

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