Letter to the Editor: In Response to a MAGA Nut

One reason in not responding earlier is that I saw according to FB she is a retired nurse just as I am, I also have a nurse friend who is anti-vax so an RN doesn’t give you immunity to conspiracy theories.

I do not at all mind someone having an opinion that differs from mine, but this particular letter was not just a difference of opinion but stated flat out lies and ridiculous conspiracy theories. Seriously euthanizing (murdering) live babies, allowing illegal immigrants in so they can vote? Then to add insult to injury she considers true patriots to only be Christians like her. Well, she stopped short of White Nationalism so I suppose that is something.

Any baby born alive is subject to the same care, rights and protections guaranteed to all citizens of the US. If as Mrs Signe Onsrud suggests a live newborn were “turned upside down with head dunked in saline!” after delivery the health practitioners would be charged with murder. It’s sad to use the loss of a baby, which in rare instances had to be delivered early to protect the life of it’s mother, as a political pro-life tool instead of grieving with the parents as she, as a Christian, should.

Illegal immigrants do not have the right to vote in US elections as also stated by Mrs Onsrud so suggesting that Democrats bring them over the border to vote is also absurd. The only benefits afforded to illegal immigrants are currently food stamps if they have a child who is a US citizen. Nothing else. Democrats do not want open borders, just an expedient way for those seeking refuge and jobs here to legally become citizens. That includes not locking children in cages at the border. I guess Mrs Onsrud is pro-fetus but not pro-child.

Keli Groenfeldt

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin