Letter to the Editor: In Support of Sarah Evenson

I am writing in support of Sarah Evenson for City Council Alderperson District 5. Although I am not a resident of Sturgeon Bay, and thus am unable to vote for Sarah, I wholeheartedly support her candidacy.

I have known Sarah since she moved back to Wisconsin in 2015. I met her when she was hired as the administrator of the Bridge Between Retreat Center in Denmark, Wis. It was there that I first witnessed her deep connection to the earth, her commitment to fostering relationships among diverse groups of people, and her unique energy and way of being that encouraged the people with whom she came into contact to be their best selves and to look for ways to be of service to others.

Sarah has a generational connection to Door County. Her grandfather farmed there and instilled in her a desire to care for the land and to preserve its history. I am sincerely impressed with the variety of ways she has rekindled that Door connection; through her offerings at the Clearing school, leading hikes and nature walks, her collaboration with local environmentalists and historians. I know that she will continue to look for ways to advocate for the people and the environment of Sturgeon Bay and the entire Door community. She also has exceptional listening skills and is very approachable. She will represent her entire constituency well.

Sarah has a very holistic view of life, nurturing all parts of creation. She is an outside-the-box thinker and has not only fresh ideas, but concrete ways to put her thoughts into action. She is a breath of fresh air who maintains her connection to the breezes of the past. I hope that you will cast your vote for her on April 2nd.

Carrie Arnold

Green Bay, Wis.