Letter to the Editor: ‘Incorrect, Ignorant, Divisive’

Today, July 14, 2019, our President, on Twitter, told 4 Congresswomen in the House of Representatives to “go back to the countries they came from”. This is such an incorrect, ignorant, and divisive thing to say. Three of these Congresswomen were born in America, and one was born in Somalia and is now an American citizen. All of these women are women of color. All of them were elected by their state constituents to the U.S. Congress and have dedicated themselves to public service in our congress.

All of them have been critical of President Trump and his policies. It seems this president can not tolerate ideas and opinions different from his.

Such a clearly inaccurate and racist statement by the President of the United States is shocking to me and deeply troubling. Where are the Republicans who should be speaking out against this kind of blatant racism … so far there is nothing but silence.

This is not the America I know and love. I will not stand silent and let this man be re-elected.

I truly believe that most Americans are better than this and want a just and kind society. We have a presidential election in November 2020 … let’s resist this kind of America and elect a president who doesn’t divide us, who sees the beauty of a diverse America where we care for each other and who will strive to create a fair and just county that we can be proud of and live together in peace.

Glenna Peters

Sister Bay, Wisconsin