Letter to the Editor: Independence Day and the Military

July 4, 1776 was a day when the greatest civil heroism in history was demonstrated.

As of that date, July 4, 1776, not one of the signer’s of the declaration faced death or injury on the battlefield, there was no battlefield on that day. In fact, as of that date there was no certainty that they would succeed in their desire for independence, no certainty that there would even be a Revolutionary War.

What was certain is that among the residents of the continent were those who were loyal to the king. What was certain is that the king would consider the declaration an act of treason. What was certain was that each and every signer faced the near certainty of execution if their effort failed.

The signers were civilians, acting as civilians, pursuing a civil objective. Not only were these signers not military men, they did not have an army and did not even have a country. No one had their backs.

Independence Day is the day to celebrate the greatest civilian heroism of all time. No military played any role on this day. There was no military to play a role.

Trump has no comprehension of what America is. George Washington knew what America was to be, he stepped down after eight years as president when he very likely could have successfully declared himself king. He did not do so.

Independence Day is a day to celebrate America’s greatest civilians, to celebrate that we have a civilian government. The military has nothing to do with this.

Jim Riead

Egg Harbor, Wisconsin