Letter to the Editor: Intention Was to Provide Safe, Affordable Seasonal Housing

Door County tourists have a plethora of lodging options such as resorts, motels, bed-and-breakfasts and campgrounds. What are the options for the seasonal and J-1 workers who come to Door County?

Our intention was to provide a safe and affordable option for seasonal workers and the J-1 visa program. However, we were immediately met with unfriendly letters from neighbors and most recently a new ordinance restricting the number of cabins to 20 percent of all proposed sites on a campground.

Our vision was to provide an opportunity for those staying at our campground to meet others from all walks of life, share stories and possibly forge lifelong friendships. We had plans to make our campground fun and inviting, a place to call home while working in Door County.

We have been criticized about our project; however, we were never given the opportunity to share it with the public. It was reported that committee members met on August 15 to discuss our project, but we weren’t notified or invited. 

Our business is no different than any business that provides a service. A $15 meal includes the cost of food, your server, utilities, insurance, taxes, supplies and everything that business owner has to pay in expenses. That is how a business works. Paying $17 a day for the service we were providing is not unreasonable. 

Having showers in the cabins was a health concern we had for the people staying in them. If not properly cleaned every day, moisture in the cabins leads to mold, which causes serious health conditions. Daily cleanings of all the community areas, including the shower house, would prevent unsanitary conditions.

Seasonal workers come to Door County for many reasons, but most of them choose to spend a few months in Door County for the experience, and they work to make that possible. We realize camping isn’t for everyone, but we wanted to at least give an option for seasonal and J-1 workers. They deserve a safe and affordable place to rest. 

Thank you to everyone who has been supportive of our project.

Gregory and Jamie Schab

Chicago, Illinois