Letter to the Editor: Israel’s Response Should Match the Terrorist’s Attack

As a Jew living in Sturgeon Bay I would like to express my opinion of what’s going on in Israel. In 1977 I was working for the UJA [United Jewish Appeal] and was sent to Israel for education about the country. During that time Gaza was open and we visited. There was little tension, and some small incidents; those were ordinary.

Israel is a very small country about the size of New Jersey. As a small country, just like in the City of Sturgeon Bay, everyone pretty much knows somebody who knows somebody. Not everyone likes everybody –  Arab, Jew – but they respect each other. 

We are divided politically, and so are they, yet we all appreciate each other’s opinions. I have witnessed this wonderful community come together in times of need putting all differences aside for the sake of a cause, just like Israel.

So what would we do if, let’s say, a terrorist organization on any border attacked an American city with the same butchery against infants that was perpetrated on Israel. What, what would be our response? 

Whatever the response, I can promise that anyone who had anything to do with it would pay, with their lives as they should.

One again in one lifetime, Jews are being slaughtered just because they are Jews.

Jonathan Salit

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin