Letter to the Editor: ‘It Is Time to Get Back to Life’

Our county’s lifeblood is our economy. Without it, we do not have the means to pursue all of the things that we love about being here. Broadly described, we sit on a three-legged stool: local life, seasonal residents and tourism. They are all intertwined, and each depends on the others. Take one away, and the stool collapses.

One of the legs is at the threshold of breaking. Without the tourist season happening, all the rest of the life we depend on cannot sustain itself. 

We have been rocked by the threat of pandemic. We have gone into defense mode to brace ourselves for it. We can now say that we have weathered the storm, and it is time to get back to life. We need to shake ourselves of the fear and face the reality that there are always threats and challenges to living, and this will be one more on the list to overcome.

We can do this, but we have to start now.

Marc Savard

Ellison Bay, Wisconsin