Letter to the Editor: It’s Not a Fight for Freedom; It’s a Restriction of Freedom

It’s campaign-sign season, and I’m confused by the big, red signs that say that to vote for a Republican means to fight for freedom. I understand that in the Republican Party, just like in the Democratic Party, there is a range of beliefs and policy stands. 

However, the Wisconsin Republican candidates do not seem to really support freedom. In my opinion, a vote for a Wisconsin Republican candidate means a vote for restricting voter access and women’s reproductive rights and allowing gerrymandering of electoral maps. That vote is one in favor of banning contraception, same-sex marriage and certain books from schools and public libraries, while restricting what teachers may and may not teach in our public schools, denying election results that have been proven beyond a doubt to be accurate, and transporting asylum seekers across state lines as pawns in our immigration struggles. 

There is an authoritarian bent to the Republican Party that restricts freedom rather than supports it. If you vote for Republican candidates, you will bear responsibility for the policies that follow. America is greatest when we act on our principles to be an inclusive, caring, loving community – not one anchored in fear and divisiveness.

Nora Flood

Sister Bay, Wisconsin