Letter to the Editor: It’s Too Late to Come Forward

This is in response to a letter from the Door County Board of Directors of the Door County Environmental Council, Inc. printed in the Oct. 12 Pulse.

Your comments are appreciated but way too late. Where were you four years ago when all of the streetscape plans were beginning and we needed your expertise?

Well over three years ago, my husband Paul Roppuld, a Trustee on the Ephraim Board, sounded the alarm on this exact issue.

No one listened, not you, not the voters, not The Board, no one.

Now that the contracts have been let and the work begins within the week, you see the need to issue your opinion. There have been numerous meetings to discuss this issue and get opinions, why weren’t any of you at these meetings? To ask your questions? To exert some pressure on the Board to make the right decisions? To wax eloquent about the damage that will be done and offer your solutions?

I happen to agree with all that you have said, I just wish you hadn’t failed to come forward at the proper time. But you waited until it is too late to have your valid opinions cause any effect. Sadly, now, your opinion is of no consequence.


Marianne Roppuld

Ephraim, Wis.

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