Letter to the Editor: Jacque Is Patriot, Not Puppet

We must live in Wisconsin! Not only did we just get a deep dump of heavy snow on our spring flowers, there is another election just around the corner. If you live in the State Senate District 1, there is a special election on May 15 to replace Senator Frank Lasee  after his December retirement.

State Representative Andre Jacque is the candidate for this very important Senate seat that I support. Andre is a good man and votes family values. He has done much to protect the unborn and to defund those agencies that make money from “taking” the unborn; now Wisconsin taxpayers are no longer responsible for those funds. Thank you Andre! He has had chairmanships taken from him because he does not dance to the Madison puppetmaster’s tune. There is a powerful lobbyist in Green Bay who is determined to punish Andre because he is another “puppet master” who expects to control the votes. Many of us consider Representative Andre Jacque to be a Patriot, not a puppet. Not only is Andre a thorn in the side of the Madison power brokers, they seem to actually hate him.

Have you received his mail piece? Pull it out of recycling and put it on your “to do list.” Primary Election for Senate District 1 will be held on May 15.  

When Christians do not vote their values, or just do not vote, the state suffers; the nation suffers.

What values do you stand for? Vote May 15.

Ruth Elmer

Combined Locks, Wis.

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