Letter to the Editor: Join Me in Saying, ‘Never Again’

Perhaps you told yourself and others that you voted for him because you stand for states’ rights, small government, the Second Amendment or government control of reproductive rights, or you consider yourself a Christian. Or maybe you dabble in white supremacy without realizing it.

Perhaps you reluctantly voted for him, fearing what government and your country would look like under Democratic control. Or maybe you enthusiastically supported him and honored him with your vote. 

Either way, own this. Own what transpired on Jan. 6. Own that you played your part in enabling this assault on democracy.

We warned you. We tried to help you see that he was not fit for office. Over and over, we tried. Over and over, you made excuses. I hope you’ve learned something, gained some understanding. Sadly, it’s come at great cost. 

This man is a divider. His heart is filled with hate, lies, cruelty and selfishness. If those are not values you would teach your children, why would you value them in our nation’s highest position? Why would you do this? How could you be so blind? I’m sad for you. I’m sad for my country. I’m ashamed.

It’s now time for you to denounce Trumpism. I don’t expect you will because you rode the Trump train this far, but please, please reflect. Help end this dark chapter in American history, and join me in saying, “Never again.”

Nick Hoover

Sister Bay, Wisconsin