Letter to the Editor: Kindness of Neighbors

Two weeks ago I had gotten about half way finished with cutting my lawn and then, “bang!” It’s that awful noise you hear when you know you’ve just had a break down. A belt had slipped off my mower deck and I wasn’t driving anymore. Not being a handy man I took it over to “Ken the Bike Man”! Besides fixing bikes Ken is definitely the jack of all trades. For the last seven years of being Sister Bay residents I have greatly appreciated his kindness. He finished cutting the rest of my lawn and diagnosed the problem so I could get the proper belt to take to a mechanic. 

The next week came and my neighbor on the other side of my house named Jim asked if my mower had gotten fixed. My wife explained that it was still out for repair. Jim then immediately told my son that he would be happy to cut our lawn for us! 

Having just taken a new position I have been extremely busy learning my new role. I am so thankful to both of these men for their kindness. As I begin to delegate new tasks to my new staff I have shared this story with them as I share it with you the reader now. May we all remember to help everyone out this busy tourist season just like Ken and Jim. Don’t forget to say thanks! If and when we do leave Sister Bay I hope to find the same kindness of neighbors. 

Bryan Birnschein

Sister Bay, Wisconsin