Letter to the Editor: Kudos to Door County Public Health

This past week, my husband and I received our second COVID-19 vaccinations at the Door County Public Health vaccination clinic. Due to the uncertainty about how many vaccines the department would be getting week to week, Public Health has had to cancel and reschedule appointments. The department has always responded promptly and kindly to our questions and worries and followed through on its rescheduling.

Last week, Public Health did not receive the amount of vaccines it had requested, so it combined its vaccine clinics into one day, planning to inoculate 270 people.

It was a great experience of what public officials, volunteers and citizens can do together. The EMT station was buzzing with activity: check-ins, excitement from volunteers who were handing out information, a table where syringes were being filled with vaccine, vaccinators on each side of our car, and EMT staff talking to us and being there if needed during our 15-minute observation period.

Kudos to our Door County Public Health Department and volunteers for the professional and vital work they are doing during this pandemic. 

We left feeling thankful and exhilarated. As we drove home, I felt I had just seen a community coming together and doing what is best for the common good.

For the first time in a long time, I feel hopeful that our democracy can endure. When it comes to a national emergency, communities pull together, and differences become unimportant. For our democracy to endure, this is what we must aim to do all the time, not just during a crisis.

Glenna Peters

Sister Bay, Wisconsin