Letter to the Editor: Leadership or Chaos: You Choose

During a major world crisis, President Biden properly responded to the slaughter of civilians in Israel announcing it as “pure, unadulterated evil” by the terrorists of Hamas, and pledged American support for Israel and peace in the Middle East for all peoples. The former president complimented the Iran-backed militant group, Hezbollah, and criticized Israeli’s Prime Minister over the Hamas attack. 

At the same time, Democrats in the House are reaching out to Republicans to search for a bipartisan solution for picking a more moderate and acceptable leader who would represent a wider swath of the American people. While the Republicans have shut down the House of Representatives, giving in to a small group of right-wing extremists, in the Senate, one Republican is blocking all military appointments, weakening the American ability to operate in a world in crisis. Another Senate Republican is blocking the presidential appointments to diplomatic posts specifically in Israel and surrounding countries where we now need assistance and access to foreign leaders during a war.

So do we choose chaos or leadership? Do we want America destabilized and ineffective, without the ability to fund crises around the world? Or do we throw out the party of chaos and elect Democrats who believe in our democracy, who believe democracy around the world is best for the U.S. and best for the stability and growth of our world.

We can speak up! We can vote! We can spread the word! It is up to us to save our country.

Judy Brodd

Sister Bay, Wisconsin