Letter to the Editor: Lessons about Water Quality from Lincoln Township

 Debra Fitzgerald’s Editor’s Note from the March 24 issue of the Peninsula Pulse titled “Be the Hummingbird” brought a smile to my face for what we can offer our neighbors.

Southern Door is encountering similar water-quality problems that we in the Town of Lincoln – directly south in Kewaunee County – have been facing for decades. Let me share some of the resources we have developed. After all, groundwater knows no bounds.

In 2021, the Town of Lincoln completed a 73-page Groundwater and Surface Water Report and Recommendations, which was the result of 16 years of studies focused on our township and community by some of the leading groundwater experts in Wisconsin. The report can be downloaded from our website at

In addition, our website also has a hydrogeological characterization study conducted on Lincoln Township by the Wisconsin Geologic and Natural History Survey at

Hope this helps.

Mick Sagrillo
Forestville, Wisconsin