Letter to the Editor: Let Country Roads Be Country Roads

I still believe that Door County is a lovely, special place that celebrates rural beauty, wildflowers and native grasses on the roadsides, orchards and water. Those are just a few of the things we love here. Where does mowing down the roadside flowers fit into this “brand”?

Last week, a mower from the Town of Liberty Grove came mindlessly on, displacing my sign and mowing down the Canada anemone, wild primrose and ferns on my roadside. When he came to branches that had been (thoughtlessly) dropped on the shoulder, he simply picked up the blade and moved on, leaving them there. So much for roadside tidiness. 

Do we want Liberty Grove to look like a Chicago suburb? Do our guests come here to see neatly mowed roadsides, just like the ones they left behind? Have we forgotten why we came here? Let the rural countryside contrast with the beautiful villages. The villages need to be manicured; the countryside does not.

I believe there may be federal and/or state funds to plant roadsides with native milkweed, pollinator grasses and flowers, and bushes. I recommend that my taxpayer money be spent on such a project, not on big mowers that cut down everything in their path.

Sara Larsen

Sister Bay, Wisconsin