Letter to the Editor: Let Freedom Ring

I have always revered President Roosevelt’s freedom speech of Jan. 6, 1941 where he identified the Four Freedoms – freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom from want, and freedom from fear. Recent declarations by candidates running for elected office threaten to take away our freedoms.

•Freedom to vote and have it count (ie no gerrymandering)

•Freedom to love who you want 

•Freedom to start a family when and if you want and can afford it without fear of reprisals

•Freedom to be safe from gun violence without fear for our children, grandchildren, and ourselves

•Freedom of speech and media to express opinions without fear of punishment by government

•Freedom to have access to and read what you want

•Freedom to have access to affordable health care

•Freedom to be able to breath clean air and drink clean water

•Freedom from poverty and hunger in a land of plenty

I believe we all want to keep these freedoms! 

If you believe in these freedoms, please vote for the candidates who support them. Otherwise, one day, we will awake to them all being gone and we will be living in a dictatorship with no freedoms. Many American Veterans have died for these freedoms – now it’s our turn to use our vote to protect them!

Judy Brodd

Sister Bay, Wisconsin