Letter to the Editor: Let’s Get Real

There have been few United States Presidents who have done more to demean and erode our Democracy than Donald Trump. As a nation, we are being weakened by his insistence of pitting our political parties against one another. The fact that some choose to ignore the president’s continuous lies, weakening our relationships with our allies while praising oligarchs in Russia and North Korea, denial of climate change, labeling most of our mainstream media as “fake news,” and petty 12-year-old behavior, is unconscionable to the majority of Americans that voted against Trump. The tone that Trump purposely sets, nurtures, and seems to enjoy basking in, the raucous, dangerous, and cult-like responses at his rallies, is more reminiscent of a third-world country than a modern democratic society. In my opinion, there has not been a major political movement more un-American than what has resulted from Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign, since Joseph McCarthy. America as a “melting pot” will always be what makes America great. There is no need to make this country great again unless Trump manages to rip our nation apart with his divisive behavior. Please vote in 2020 to bring honesty, integrity, stability, and sanity back to our great nation. The rest of the civilized world is surely counting on U.S.

Richard C. Johnson

Fish Creek, Wisconsin