Letter to the Editor: Letter Was a ‘Seditious Assault on the Constitution’

Thanks, Peninsula Pulse, for bringing home to Door County the incompetence of elected state Sen. André Jacque, whose knowledge of the Constitution is so lacking that he had to be schooled by the (then) vice president of the United States. After advocating to the VP postponement of the Jan. 6 electoral certification, Jacque needed to be reminded by the Veep that “vesting the Vice President with the unilateral authority to decide presidential contests would be entirely antithetical [to the separation of powers provided under the Constitution].”

It is one thing to have sincere and civil disagreement on policies and issues. This is not that. This was an attempt to launch an extraordinary and seditious assault on the Constitution and to try to run roughshod over the will of the people exercising their most basic and cherished right. 

Hasn’t it become the new whine by Republican politicians to rail about “cancel culture”? Oh, but canceling an individual’s free and fair vote? No problem. Jacque and his ilk are avidly embracing their own “culture”: that of ignorance and profound, shameful hypocrisy. 

History will judge you, André. As will the voters who think there is actual merit – and responsibility – in showing up at the polls. Your uninformed request to the vice president was outright subversion of your sworn duty. And a stain on Wisconsin. Shame on you. 

Raeona Jordan

Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin