Letter to the Editor: Life Outside the Womb

Donald Trump in one of his speeches vividly describes an abortion procedure and implies that Democrats are the abortion party. Other GOP supporters try to make abortion a central issue in this campaign. I don’t know how deeply the government should become involved in the abortion issue but I do know it must become involved in life outside the womb and in this respect the GOP is a failure.

The threat to human life caused by a deteriorating natural environment is becoming greater than nuclear war. We are seeing California, a great food-producing state, burning. The grain-producing Dakotas are planting further west, seeking more water. African agriculture is devastated. Ocean fisheries are being depleted or polluted to the point where the product is uneatable. Each day we read about water supplies becoming polluted and toxins in the air that are unhealthy and so on.

The GOP is the party of climate change deniers, with Trump stating that if he is elected he would cancel United States participation in an agreement recently signed by world leaders to reduce carbon emissions. The GOP balks at working toward reasonable gun control while gun violence in this county continues to have devastating effects on human life. The taxation and trickle down economic policies of the GOP have helped to create a huge class of impoverished families where crime and murder flourish and from which come mothers seeking an abortion as their only alternative. All human life matters regardless of its stage of development.


George Krall

La Crosse, Wis.

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