Letter to the Editor: Loser in Presidential Debate Was America

The loser in last night’s debate was America. Joe Biden stood strong against Donald Trump’s interruptions, bullying and attacks. He spoke directly to America and discussed real solutions while Donald Trump interrupted 77 times. 

Trump is an embarrassment. He had nothing of substance to discuss: no plans, no policies, no results, nothing. So his only option was to go on the attack. The emperor has no clothes. To some, bullies look like the strong ones, but in actuality, they are weak and cowardly.

In the words of Michelle Obama, “Being president doesn’t change who you are; it reveals who you are.” Trump showed exactly who he is, and we cannot stand for four more years of his “leadership.” Fascism is at our doorstep. He called for the white supremacist group Proud Boys to be on standby, and he strongly questioned the legitimacy of the election. 

If you have done nothing so far, now is the time to stand up to denounce this man and this administration. The Republican legislatures in Washington and Wisconsin have enabled Trump and his agenda for four years. If we have any chance at saving our democracy, we must elect Democrats up and down the ticket.

In Door County, that means Joe Biden for president; Amanda Stuck, Congress; Kim Delorit Jensen, Wisconsin legislature; and Jan Arbter Anderson, Door County treasurer.

You can do these things to help Democrats win Wisconsin and the White House:

• Talk with three friends or neighbors about voting blue down the ticket this year. Our local elections are just as important as the national ones, and sometimes even more important.

• If you know someone who lives alone, be the witness for the individual’s absentee ballot.

• If you are not already registered, register to vote – then track the status of your ballot – at

• Volunteer for a candidate or your local Democratic Party.

• Be a poll worker Nov. 3.

• Call your current representatives to insist that they ensure that every vote is counted.

Beth Renstrom

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin