Letter to the Editor: Lots of Head Scratching Going On

Republicans who remember the presidencies of Eisenhower, Ford, Reagan and George H. W. Bush must feel some embarrassment and disappointment in witnessing the decline of a once proud party. It began with the unjustified invasion of Iraq during the Bush/Cheney administration, an event that lit the fuse for the present Mideast turmoil. That administration ended with the country in a deep economic hole.

More recently GOP voters elected to Congress a group whose obstructionism is so severe that their leader resigned and others are reluctant to take his place. The recent GOP debates I’m sure were difficult for old guard Republicans to watch and especially to be reminded of the failure that the people of Wisconsin elected to be our Governor.

Taking the cake, however, is the bill being proposed by some Wisconsin Republican legislators which would allow licensed holders to carry guns into buildings and classrooms of every Wisconsin public university and college. How can anyone in their right mind suggest that we can solve the problem of shootings in public places by allowing those other than law enforcement officers, licensed or not, psychiatrically tested or not, to bring guns into the same place. Can you imagine the carnage that could take place if a gun battle erupted in a classroom? Sensible Republicans must be scratching their heads.

George Krall

La Crosse, Wis.




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