Letter to the Editor: Love the ‘Non Cents’

The RePulse is just one of the many reasons I gave up reading the Advocate and started reading the Pulse! What a hoot. I am still laughing.

The one about the granary was a real piece of work. I tip my hat to you on that one. Great sense of humor. We have to be able to laugh at ourselves from time to time or things would get awful boring. The fake quote from the mayor was a nice touch. The food truck festival park was another good humorous jab about the cutting down of all those trees for parking then bringing in food trucks. I love your sense of humor and timing! The goat yoga was great too. I have seen goat yoga on TV before, so why not Al Johnson’s for some classes. was a nice touch I thought.

I thought the cover photo for the April Fool’s section was a fabulous idea. Like the bar code with “non cents” on it and the banner with Fish Creek Food Truck Festival! You people rock. Keep up the great work.

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