Letter to the Editor: Lover of Door Lens

Just a quick note to make Peninsula Pulse fans aware that while studying the weekly newspaper-in-hand is must-do reading to keep on top of everything Door County, if you are not also subscribing to the Pulse’s daily newsletter [Pulse Picks], you are missing one terrific treat: the reader-submitted photo that ends each day’s edition. 

The week of the Fourth, for instance, started with a real-time photo (published within hours of the happening) of the Fish Creek fireworks: a stunning, soulful shot of sky and water. (And if the Fish Creek powers that be have not sought out the photographer to buy the rights to that incredible image for future publicity purposes, they are missing the boat.) And the week ended with another eye-pleasing shot by Pulse regular Thomas Jordan that showed how nature can be as explosive and stirring as any manufactured airborne sparkle.

I often think how wonderful it would be to have a compilation of these photos available in book form. Compliments to all the many talented camera folk for sharing their work and to the Pulse for showcasing it. For me, it’s a daily highlight that, without fail, brings home the beauty and pleasure of everyday life in Door County. 

Raeona Jordan
Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin