Letter to the Editor: Make America Great Again!

This is a letter to all Door County residents.

After reading the letter of Glenna Peters in the last Pulse I feel that I must respond.

I voted for President Donald Trump to “Make America Great Again”! Do I agree with everything he says and does? No! There are times that I shudder at the way he expresses himself! But I cannot understand the hatred of the opposition…..and that includes most of the media! Even if one doesn’t like or respect the person, respect the office of the presidency!

I will never understand why anyone can believe that murdering the unborn is right and just! That is what it is, murder! Those precious infants who are born alive are turned upside down with head dunked in saline! This is just one of the barbaric methods of killing the helpless infant! The argument that this is rare is simply untrue! Even thinking about it makes me both angry and sad! If animals were euthanized this way there would be enough outrage to hit the skies! I have to wonder, just what have we become as a nation? Certainly not more humane!

Also, I am saddened that illegal immigrants are given more benefits than our veterans, many of whom are homeless! The left want open borders. Tell me where this will eventually lead besides more votes for the left. The campaign rhetoric of most of the 2020 candidates, simply vote getting, are so pie in the sky as to bring this nation to financial ruin!

Think carefully when voting in 2020. What do you want for the future of this great nation of ours? Big government control or more individual freedoms? As for me, I desire more individual freedom to make choices according to my Christian Faith! And I long for a return to true patriotism!

It’s a sad commentary that it took the 9/11 tragedy to bring us together as a nation. We were no longer were Republicans or Democrats, but Americans! Let’s respect one another in spite of differences and Make America Great Again!

Signe Onsrud

Egg Harbor, Wisconsin